Top Five

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
My Top Five Things of the Week
1. The Mav's beat the Spurs last night! Watching the series has TOTALLY stressed me out.....but it had a happy ending....
2. 6th grade graduation is tomorrow night! I printed off their diplomas in December (I'm not even kidding).
3. Two weeks from now I'll be sitting in a beach from Hawaii, better get me that souvenir wish list soon.
4. This "group" of kids I've been complaining about all year nominated me for Walmart Teacher of the Year....and I won (found at last week in a very embarrassing, humbling, and overwhelmingly sweet assembly). I'll attach the pictures later from the district's paper when it comes out.....if my face isn't too red.
5. This weekend I'm heading to Lake Murray for the of my favorite places on earth! And I think I remember all the words to the song Oklahoma (you have to sing it at the top of your lungs when you cross the Red River).


Nicole said...


What a week.

JimmyMariam said...

Congratulations on your teaching award!! VERY COOL!! I hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend! We will be in Disneyland this weekend for our very first time! Yeah for beautiful weather and long weekends!


Christy said...

Thanks! I can't wait to hear all about Disneyland, I love it.....the first of many times, I'm sure, the two of you will go! I look forward to hearing about your summer adventures in and out of school!