My first, maybe my last, and hey, even my best....article....

Sunday, October 10, 2010
   I mentioned awhile back I'm a part of a group of teacher/student "Voices" writing for the Dallas Morning News this year.  I think I also mentioned to anyone that would listen that I was having difficulty thinking of ANYTHING to write about.  I've never experienced any form of silence before, in my thoughts, in my daily life, in the presence of a speck of dust, it's just not in me to not jabber without ceasing.  Sure, I can be quiet, and I TRY to be quiet and share the air, I said "I try,"  but if I'm 'being quiet' you should see how noisy things are inside my brain. 
    So, after a month, I made myself start aimlessly writing, and I decided my first article would be a little off the controversial road, it would be my way of saying thank you, in some small way to someone I truly admire in the teaching field, a volunteer.  And just like I tell my brother he's my favorite (guess how many siblings I have?), I can honestly say this is the best article I've ever had published (hint:  I have the same number of siblings as I do articles published). 
   Here is a link to the article.  This post is more for a personal record, but just in case you volunteer at schools, I heart you.  Seriously, on the list of things that have meant the most to me, it's those parents that sent little 'just because' gifts or stopped to say 'thank you,' the church members that mentor the students I've spent 9 hours trying to dissect, and cure, and some days, survive, and the volunteers that were willing to brave the field trips, or Thursday envelope jungle. 
     As far as the actual writing process, my original article was 850 words.  I asked my Mom, an English major, to edit.  We went back and forth many times as I put things back in I couldn't live without, took her suggestions on things that were bothering me, and pondered the concept of world peace, world domination, and world domino tournaments.  I then turned my article in with 50 extra words (700, as requested by the sections editor).  He then reworked it/took some things out, and 200 fewer words later, it was my words, rearranged, adjusted, and a little less wordy thanks to the help of eagle eyed editor, who also happens to be really funny, encouraging, and really nice.  It was strange to look at something I remember writing, seeing my voice, but wondering were that 'excess' went.  It went where it was supposed to-away.  I want a permanent editor!  I also want a puppy. 
   In other 'news,' I have a little idea of what I'm writing about next, and it's still not very controversial,'s a big deal to me, and this assignment might as well be something I like writing about, controversial can wait until #3, right?  ....and #4 may get me booted.  Kidding.  Kinda.


Anonymous said...

great article! good for you for acknowledging something we NEED in schools!! Thanks!

Anji* said...

Great article Christy, very thought-provoking!