Trip to New England: Concord, MA

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
One of my very favorite stops on the trip was Concord, MA.  We headed here the third morning of our trip.  It is a 30 minute drive, but it took us an hour because of morning traffic.  We began our day at the Colonial Inn ( a suggestion from a friend when they found out I was going to glad we chatted because this wasn't even on the radar).  The service was slow, but the breakfast was WORTH it.  It was on of my favorite stops.  The portions were ginormous and kept us full the rest of the day.  It was also pretty neat to be sitting in an Inn older than my state's birthday.  The thing about a relatively young country is that 'old' is really relative and south of the Mason Dixon line we use the term even more loosely.  After breakfast we drove out to Walden Pond (the above picture).  The site many writer's sat and wrote, or wrote into the plots of their stories. 
We drove out to the North Bridge (reconstructed, but still), the site the first shot of the American Revolution were fired.  'The shot heard around the world.'
We also drove by the houses of the famous authors that called this home.  Below in Orchard House, the house that inspired the setting of Louisa May Alcott's Little Woman.  Her house was next door, which was also the home of Nathanial Hawthorne, and Margaret Sidney through the years.  I'd say it holds a record for housing the most famous American authors.
After a quick morning in Concord, we headed down the road to Maine. 

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