Mini Box Album

Friday, May 15, 2015
I helped throw a shower last fall for my friend, Amber.  I've noticed through the years, as digital photos take off, so few people actually PRINT any of those photos, so I try to print photos for my friends from the events I'm a part of so they have 'proof' of the event somewhere other than their mind.  I printed off these photos as soon as the shower was over with the intention of making a birthday gift for Amber a few months later.  I promptly misplaced the photos.  I spent the next 4 months looking for them.  I bought the supplies to make said album (ribbon and this little paper mache box from the craft store and some pink paper).  
I gave up on finding those photos.  I ordered some more.  When they arrived I couldn't find the supplies for the album I had my hunt....I found the original photos.  All of this to say.....I guess this is my cry for help....or my confession-chaos reigns!  Regardless....I FINALLY made that album BEFORE Amber's next birthday, or Charlotte graduated from college.  Go.  Me.
 I used the box lid to create a pattern and cut the photos down to size.
 I laid them out along some pink ribbon and used double sided tape to glue them down to the tape.  I flipped each one over and glued a second photo to the back (more bang for my buck).
 If you wanted a longer string you could glue a plain sheet of paper to the back to write about each photo.  You could also create a border.  I wanted to get as much of the photo in the 'circle' I had available as possible.
 I took some blank paper and glued the ribbon below the circle and then glued the sheet down.  I did this to the top of the box and the bottom so that the photos stay attached to the box.  Again...your choice.
 It folds down neatly into the box.
 I made a little cover for the album.  I left a few blank sheets of paper for Amber to add her own memories.
A little box full of big memories.  I love mini albums and boxes.  Win.  Win.  Now, I guess I can go make another one since I have double the photos!  

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