Bathroom Redo in the Works....Still

Wednesday, August 07, 2019
 It has been a really busy summer.  I had so many house projects I was going to do and I did none of them.  I went back to work full time today and I'm feeling really overwhelmed by this fact.  One thing I thought was going to be finished last spring was my bathroom remodel.  The sink I wanted (the only one I wanted) was back ordered for over 6 months on Wayfair, and I couldn't begin b/c it sits up off the floor, which means I needed to wait to do tiles (my current sink is on the floor).  Then the floor waits on the tub, the tub on the tile etc.  The sink finally came in, but then I had visitors headed to the house.  So, it all still sits in waiting in my garage or my closet.  To keep my sanity, I've put a few new things into the bathroom so I didn't feel quite so stunted.  One thing I love is the old crock I found at an antique store I'm using to house towels.  I used to have a stand that held them, but I'm replacing that with something else, so this is my new solution.  I bought a new shower curtain on Etsy.
 I've already shared some of the pictures I bought/made (the above natatorium page from an old French dictionary), the below sign I made with my cricut and an old window that was currently in my bathroom.
 ...and these old French phrase cards I sandwiched in a frame from Target.
As soon as my guest head back home I'm going to contact a guy I've used for past projects, and I'm going to get a quote.  I'm trying to convince myself I can install my own tile floor, but after watching a bunch of youtube videos I might be lying to myself, but I'll decide if it's worth the therapy based on the quote I get.  Above all, I don't want debt, but I do want to remodel this bathroom.  Stay tuned.  Here's hoping I have more updates soon!

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