Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Stand

My summer is in full swing.  I just returned from vacation, which I'll be blogging about later this week, but....while I enjoyed time away from home-one of my favorite things to do during summer break is to make a list and explore locations in and around town.  This is #2 on my Summer List-no particular order-I usually just pick one and check it off on any given day.  I saw a preview for this new restaurant on McKinney Avenue in Downtown Dallas.  I decided to try it out one morning after leaving the GMT studio.  The inside has two 'food stands' cut in half-one you order your food from, the second houses all the toppings for your foods/salad bar fixings.  Basically, they serve food stand foods-hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, movie candy, flavored popcorns etc.  I can't actually tell you I branched out and ordering anything too 'different.'  I was in the mood for a Nathan's Hot Dog.  It was good-served on a great bun (bread is all I'm about), the chili had some salsa inside and it was definitely a little more than the typical chili and cheese dogs I order.  I'd say the draw to the restaurant is the concept.  I can't say I'll head back regularly, but.....I will be able to check off another item on my summer 'try it' list!