Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dollar Store To Pewter Pumpkins

 I was hunting for some other supplies for 'another' craft at the dollar store and I saw some relatively ugly little glass pumpkins...no offense.  But I thought-hey, I can jazz those up.  It was a time in my life I was obsessed with Looking Glass Spray...if it would stand still-I sprayed it....it was a dark time in my life now that I reflect back on it...get it?  Reflect?  Ha ha.  Sorry...it was just sitting there waiting for me.  Anyway....I'm still obsessed with it, but here is another thing I did with my addiction.  I sprayed down some of those pumpkins so I had a pewter look.
If you want your item to be more 'reflective' than pewter, spray it with a metal colored spray first, or you can also make some mercury glass looking pumpkins using this tutorial-white spray first and some water drops.  I'm adding some crystal sprays to this little get up.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Movie Night in the Mail

So....my cousin has some pretty precious traditions with his two and four year old.  Each week they go to the library to get a movie to watch as a family.  This Father's Day I wanted to send something for them to enjoy together.  I cut a slit in an empty coke bottle and filled it with all sorts of movie candy, microwave popcorn, popcorn bags, a gift card to go get a movie (it was too narrow to slip in a DVD) and some confetti etc.  I printed off this label, added postage and it ready to mail.  Simple, and something the kids and my cousin can get excited about

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pink and Gold Fiesta

I put together a little party for my Mom on her 'actual' birthday as well with the whole family.  I had used pink and black for her tea party the weekend before, but went with pink and gold this time around.  These are just a few pictures....because it turns out right before I got pretty sick...so as soon as dinner was over, I took myself to the late night clinic, so...I didn't take too many pictures, but....I think you get the idea!  I made some little m pinata's using this method.  And tissue flowers using these steps.  I also made some gold candles that would later go on the cake my aunt brought using these steps.  I used some pinatas I sprayed to match the colors to hang from the chandelier as well.
My family is kind of picky (not my mom,just everyone else), so it was a mix of things every would eat, and some even :gasp: came from the freezer.  I made some cheese dip, cheese enchiladas, and then just heated up some frozen quesadillas, and taquitos.  I ran by a nearby restaurant and bought rice, and sopapillas and added some honey/butter/cinnamon sugar to make a little dessert bar.
I also did a little Dr. Pepper float crate to go with the cake.
My aunt, uncle, cousins in town, and brother all ate...and then ate some more.  I think it was a nice way to finish up a really great birthday and....hopefully the start to the best decade yet!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

60 Wishes Memory Book

 My Mom celebrated her 60th birthday two days ago.  I've been brainstorming ideas for making it a special memory for awhile now.  One thing I did was make her a little album with cards.  Originally, I was going to send cards to the family and all her friends...it turns out it took all three months I had given myself to get the cards back from just the family.  I adapted the idea...more on this in a minute....I printed out a letter asking for the person who received it to write a special memory they have of my mom.  I also included a card and a self addressed envelope.  I found a pack of cards at Hobby Lobby I liked.
 To house these letters I made a little book.  I took two pieces of thin cardboard and cut them out to the size of a 5/7 envelope.  I also took some burlap scrapbook 'paper' and covered the front.  I had to hot glue it to keep it to stay on the board.
 On the inside, I glued down two pieces of scrapbook paper.  I punched a hole in the cover/back and each letter.
 I decided to just try to get just the family and a few of her closest friends who don't live here.
For the 'other' friends, I figured most of them would be bringing a card to the luncheon I was hosting, and I am going to hole punch the cards and put these in the same book so she can have a memory of all the people that helped celebrate her 60th...both near and far.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Mom's 60th

 This past weekend I held a party to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  It was a no boys allowed sort of event, which means today (her 'real' birthday) the boys will be invited.  I held it at a little tea room in Richardson, Chocolate Angel-the same place I had my 30th.
 They pretty much have all the adorable decorations you could want in the Chantilly room, but....I brought a few of my own b/c that's the kind of girl I am!
 I went through my aunt's old albums and found some old school pictures I copied and printed out.
 I grabbed some flowers.
 And some bottled Dr. Pepper, my Mom's all time favorite drink.  I added a pink straw to jazz it up.
 Even though dessert came with the meal, I decided I wanted a dessert favor as well, so I bought some individual bundt cakes and added a tag, ribbon, flower etc, which I blogged about here.
 The packaging is already cute, but....I feel the need to add ribbon to everything.
 I put them around the tables.
 I am so grateful for the ladies that came out to celebrate with my mom.
 I know they have each been a blessing, and I'm constantly reminded that these are the type of friends I want to have 'when I grow up,' but more importantly, the kind of friend I want to be.
 No doubt, it's not a hardship to be friends with my Mom-her glass is always half full.  I call her unrealistically optimistic.  She's a peace maker...which is good considering I'm her daughter and I do like to battle it out.
 I'm grateful that for 35 of her years, she's been dedicated to being my Mom.
 Happy 60th, Mom!  Here's to 60 more!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sixty Invitation

This past weekend I hosted a lunch for my Mom in honor of her sixtieth birthday (tomorrow)...which is tomorrow.  I hunted around for awhile for the 'perfect' invite.  I was going with the pink and black theme.  I found this chalkboard card from tinyprints.  I get nothing for saying this, but I like the way they turned out.  I went through my aunt's old photos and found a photo from when my Mom was in second grade.  I blew it up and added it to the invite.  Lot's more details to come celebrating my Mom.  :O)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Rag Garland

 I made this rag wreath for an upcoming baby shower...I had a left over pink sheet from another project and I cut it into 8 inch pieces using my pinking sheers.  I ended up going and buy 1/3 yard of 4 different fabrics and doing the same.
 Don't be fooled by my helpers peaceful nap....it probably lasted all of .2 seconds before she was running around the house with 14 pieces of fabric in her mouth, but....hey, look, it's my puppy whose not quite much of a puppy after a summer of growing.  Anyway...for the wreath...
I took some clothes lines and I literally just tied all the fabric onto the line.
I'm actually helping to host two showers for this friend and I think this is going to make an appearance at both!  Cowgirl and Ballet...and I'm sure plenty more after that.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

2x4 Pumpkins

 I recently bought a 2x4 for another project, but I had so many little cuts left I started creating all sorts of additional projects...including these pumpkins.  I sliced the 2x4 into different heights.  I painted it orange, and then took brown paint and a tooth brush and flicked the brush with my nail so it would create speckles.  I sanded the edges....and last....drilled a hole in the top and added a twig with some hot glue.
I had some scraps of rick rack I tied around the stem for a 'leaf.'  I'll be posting all this pumpkin's 2x4 fall friends very soon, but this was by far the easiest!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Heart Chalk Vase

 It's been far too long since I posted a good chalkboard project...never fear....I still own a can and use it often.  I saw something like this a year or so ago and decided to make my own for an upcoming...details to follow....and I'll take a 'final' picture with flowers inserted.
 I took a good ol' pickle jar and put a piece of contact paper onto the jar that I had cut into the shape of a heart.
I gave it a coat of chalkboard spray paint....my drug of choice.  I peeled off my heart when it tried and had the outline left behind where you'll be able to see the stems to my arrangement.  This would be cute filled with candy for Valentine's Day as well.  Just spray the lid another color.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Cutting Board Pumpkin

 I've adapted this idea from a few I've seen around.  I debated adding a face, but decided to keep it simple so it could last all fall.  I've been transforming quite a few kitchen items lately to add to my pumpkin collection.
I found this really ugly cutting board at the thrift store.
I sprayed it with orange paint, sanded the edges, then added a wooden leave I had my brother cut out for me (thought you could also buy a precut football shape) and then I drilled a hole and made curls with rusty wire, and added the ever wonderful raffia.