Monday, January 16, 2017

Fabric Tie Curtains

 This was a super easy project I put together for my craft room.  It was before the wall paint etc....better pictures to come, but....I grabbed about 10 fat quarters when they were on sale for 78 cents at JoAnnes
I cut them into 1 1/2 inch strips and then just tied them to a dowel rod style curtain rod that was already in the room that I was turning into my craft room.  It doesn't get any easier than this, and is a fun pop of colors above the window.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Airplane Mobile

I made a mobile for a friend last spring.  She saw one online and I was able to make it for a fraction of the cost.  When I was putting together a travel themed nursery a few months back I knew I was going to make a mobile...because it's so much cheaper than buying one!  I'll share the whole nursery in a few weeks, is one of the last pieces I made.  I bought a box of little airplanes via Amazon.  I took a small drill bit and started a hole in the top of the planes that matched the colors (sort of) of the room-blues, greens, and whites.  I thought about spraying them to match the colors exactly, but I really liked the details of the planes!
 Once I had the holes started I put these little screws in the top and used a tool to twist them down into the wood so I could hang them.
 I used an embroidery hoop to hang them from.  I sprayed it white and drilled four holes and some jewelry string to hang it all together along with a small white hoop (also from the jewelry/leather section) from the craft store.  I used some super glue where I tied all the clear strings so they would not come undone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Crib Skirt

 I made this bed skirt for a nursery, and the cost was under fifteen.  I'm not sure of the exact amount b/c some of the fabric was from other projects.  I originally was going to go with ruffles,'s for a boy, so....I just gave him a little row of polka dots....and left the rest solid.  I didn't want to receive therapy bills later, I'm a teacher.  Anyway, I asked his mama for the dimension of the bed (52 by 29) and I cut the white piece of fabric to that size.  The drop from the mattress to the floor was 17 inches so I cut about 5 inches of the polka dot and 13 inches of the blue.  Sewing them together I ate up half an inch attaching to the white, and the other half inch attaching the polka dot to the navy so that it would hit at the right length.
I left the backside without any fabric b/c it's against the wall.  The whole bedroom shebang coming shortly.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Floating Art Work

I've been blogging the details of a nursery I put together a few months back.  The whole shebang is coming soon...promise.  I wanted to blog some of the details first.  The theme was lightly a travel theme, with the colors navy, mint, and gray being the overall picture.  If that makes sense.  Jessica and her husband travel a lot, and this little baby has even traveled to Europe in the first few months of his existence (via Mom).  Most of the artwork for the wall I made, but this was the one piece I bought because I really loved it.  It was 24 dollars from Etsy, and I was able to customize the colors I wanted.  To save on the rest of it, I decided to grab a picture frame at goodwill for two dollars.  
 This is the original frame.  It had  floral print.  I used some navy spray paint to give it new life.  There was a problem turns out it was a 12x15 and not an 11x14.  I went back and forth with what to do, and I decided to float the art work in the middle.  Usually when I float I put a second piece a glass behind it, but again, I was trying to save money, so.....I used some transparent tape on each corner and decided it wasn't that noticeable.  Trust me, I'd be the first person bothered by this (I tried all different mats etc and just didn't like it).
I used some hot glue to run along the edge of the glass so that it remained in place.  Room coming soon...

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Golden Globe Drinks

Here's one of about 6 things "I'l be sharing on Good Morning, Texas tomorrow (the only one not packed up in a box and ready to go).  I'll post the video later on my facebook account, and link it here, but first..
Let's have a moment of silence for the first time I broke out th gold spray in 2017.  P.s.  I have some super cute summer plans for these little Dollar Tree fishbowls....right after they are done being golden globe drinks tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Chipboard Baby Album

 I recently put together a nursery for a gal I work with.  The colors were navy, gray, and mint, but the them was loosely a travel them because her and her husband travel a lot.  I decided to put together a little album for her to fill with some pictures of her baby's first travels since I know he will be taking many adventures through the years. 
I had this chipboard albums shaped like a luggage tag. 
 I bought different navy, mint, and gray paper and then a pack of Project Life cards for boys.  I like them because they have a pattern onthe front and back. 
I added a few doodads and brads. 
 Mama can just add some pictures and journaling. 
 Super simple and fun. 
More details to come soon. 

Monday, January 02, 2017

DIY Wall Art Arrows

I've been waiting to post this!  I recently did a friend's nursery...more on that soon.  The theme was loosely travel (her and her husband travel a lot) and I used mint, navy, and gray as the colors.  I'm going to be posting lots and lots of DIYS I included and the final room soon.  The deal was her and her husband did not know the gender, and I had her add some pins for both genders so I had a general idea of what she liked.  So...the gender and the nursery were a total surprise after birth.  
I wanted to add a few pieces that were really affordable, so I bought this piece of thin wood from JoAnn for just about 3 dollars.  
 I cut the wood into three even pieces, and I cut each week in half at a diagonal.
 I evened them out so they were all about the same side and sanded the edges.
 I then used a staple gun to connect the pieces and then I took some wood glue and put it down the seam.
 Next up, I sprayed them the colors I wanted.  I'm often too lazy to go get some gloves and this is what my hand usually looks like after a really good spray paint project...and I spend twice the amount of time it would have taken me to get gloves to clean my hand.  On the other hand, I have incredibly wrinkly hands and always have....I'm a fortune tellers dream.  Too bad I don't buy into that sort of thing.....
I put a little bracket on the back of the arrows to hang these up on the wall.  More on that soon.  

Sunday, January 01, 2017

All the Good!

There was no big day that defined my 2016, just hundreds of adventures and conversations that would make it hard to top.  My travels spanned the country and the globe.  I was blessed with visits with friends that live too far away, and daily adventures with family and friends that live nearby.  This past year my goal was to post a picture a day.  I posted those pictures on my instagram.  I may continue that with a little different slant, but I'm also adding a goodness jar.  My friend posted about this.  At the end of each week you write something good that happened that week on a piece of paper and place it in the jar.  I cut a bunch of squares from my scraps, labeled a jar, and I'm ready to go.  Bring on the good, 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016

My New Craft Room

 I always start my year with a list of things I hope I can get accomplished throughout the year.  I'm ending my year with quite a few things on the to do list, BUT I did manage to knock one big thing off the list-a craft room!  This is really a work in progress.  A few years back I redid my bedroom, and what I've found was it was only the beginning because I added things as we went along, and with all these blank spaces on the wall-I've got plans....
 But, here is my start.  The main thing I wanted was work space.  I bought a table a few years back at a garage sale for twenty bucks.  I use this for most of my crafting, but I wanted another space as well, so I found this chrome top table at an antique store a few months ago.
 I made this pegboard using pegboard I found at the home improvement store. I cut it down to fit inside this frame I found in the garbage on a walk.  I sprayed the frame.  This is where the work in progress still goes on.  The frame is literally falling apart.  I just need it to stay up, so I'm going to have my brother come and add some really long screws to make sure all the weight is on the pegboard.
 I have been collecting things from around my house and thrift stores which includes these spice racks I'm using to store washi.  This is, by far, not my only washi, but....I organized these by colors.
 I tried to group everything by crafting 'theme', so when you turn to the next wall, this is where my sewing stuff lives.  Inside this old armoire (I got at an estate sale for 75 percent off on the last day) are all my fabric scraps.....I'll do a video tutorial on youtube and open all the spaces later...
 On top of the armoire is one of my favorite things-an old sewing machine I found at a thrift store for 25 dollars, a suitcase with all of my cutting boards, but most importantly-my jar of pin cushions.  I've been collecting old pin cushions I find in my mind these represent sewers and their labors from years gone by.  The more pinned and poked, the better.
 Right now, my sewing machine is on a desk from my childhood.
 I still need to make a sewing machine cover.  I put up a pegboard (clearance at Hobby Lobby) and a corkboard (I made by cutting down cork I bought at Home Depot and put inside an old frame I sprayed).
 I put some of my thread in this coke case, and then framed up a few old patterns etc.  There is still space above the much room to add more stuff.  As for the machine, like I said, my plan is to make a cover.  I have all the 'stuff' I just need the time.
 Behind the door I've hung SOME gift wrapping stuff on a storage unit I bought at Michael's.  I have the rest of my wrapping paper stuff in a closet....and the hallway....and in the living room.....OK....I have a lot....too much.  I guess it's time to buy a bunch of random gifts to weed out some of this wrapping paper.
 There is a little nook by the doorway where I put my embroidery machine and some of my cricut stuff.
A gal I work with told me about these IKEA bag holders (there were something like two dollars each?) that are perfect for storing vinyl.
 Around the corner I hung a little TV b/c I can only stand my own company so long.  I found this little pantry cart at a sidewalk sell and I filled with printers etc.
 The wreath is a vintage ornament wreath for Christmas, so that won't be up all year, but this little IKEA shelf will.
 I wanted to keep it mostly eclectic, and I would have loved to find an old hardware shelf with cubbies, but I finally gave in and bought a few storage pieces that really were just too functional not to grab, but I filled them up with funky stuff.  I got this cart during a Black Friday sale at Michael's.
 I filled the cart with lots of funk-I got this little display rack that spins from a gal who sales Mary and Martha.  I have an old type writer that reminds me of one of my first loves.  I have old soda cases filled with paint, and a bread box....filled with glitter.

Each cubby is dedicated to some portion of my craft world-ribbons, stamps, buttons etc.  I'll open them up in a video walk through later, but....all this to say-I love all the storage.
Now that everything is in's time to get down to crafting business!  I'm ready 2017!