Birthday Card Scrapbook

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 No comments
These are the easiest albums to make.  I usually just make them for Christmas Cards, but this year I hit the big I made one with all the cards I received to celebrate again.  
I take cardboard pieces and covered them with scrapbook paper, stickers etc.  
Once I have the cardboard covered (front and back), I punch two holes in the top, and then match the cards with those holes and punch holes in those as well (some are small, and dangle by just one hole).  I used metal rings you can find online or at any scrapbook store.  
 I usually cover those rings with ribbon.  In this case, a lot of the ribbon came from gifts I received, and I saved the ribbon b/c I thought it would be a fun addition.
I can flip through these special cards at any point, and it's a fun memory of how blessed I am to have so many caring people in my life.

Bathroom Redo in the Works....Still

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 No comments
 It has been a really busy summer.  I had so many house projects I was going to do and I did none of them.  I went back to work full time today and I'm feeling really overwhelmed by this fact.  One thing I thought was going to be finished last spring was my bathroom remodel.  The sink I wanted (the only one I wanted) was back ordered for over 6 months on Wayfair, and I couldn't begin b/c it sits up off the floor, which means I needed to wait to do tiles (my current sink is on the floor).  Then the floor waits on the tub, the tub on the tile etc.  The sink finally came in, but then I had visitors headed to the house.  So, it all still sits in waiting in my garage or my closet.  To keep my sanity, I've put a few new things into the bathroom so I didn't feel quite so stunted.  One thing I love is the old crock I found at an antique store I'm using to house towels.  I used to have a stand that held them, but I'm replacing that with something else, so this is my new solution.  I bought a new shower curtain on Etsy.
 I've already shared some of the pictures I bought/made (the above natatorium page from an old French dictionary), the below sign I made with my cricut and an old window that was currently in my bathroom.
 ...and these old French phrase cards I sandwiched in a frame from Target.
As soon as my guest head back home I'm going to contact a guy I've used for past projects, and I'm going to get a quote.  I'm trying to convince myself I can install my own tile floor, but after watching a bunch of youtube videos I might be lying to myself, but I'll decide if it's worth the therapy based on the quote I get.  Above all, I don't want debt, but I do want to remodel this bathroom.  Stay tuned.  Here's hoping I have more updates soon!

Popcorn Pencil Printable

Tuesday, August 06, 2019 No comments
I have some fun events/parties I'll be hosting this September, and I'm working on some top secret projects for those that I'll be posting about soon, but in the meantime, I made this little pencil printable for a friend.  Here is the free printable.  Cut it out, and tape it to a mini bag of popcorn as a back to school gift for a teacher or classmates.  
Now.....back to top secret projects, and....back to actual work work.

Harry Potter Sorting Cupcakes

Thursday, July 25, 2019 No comments
 These cupcakes were homemade with love by Blythe.  My cousins (not so little) gal came into town this week and she is obsessed with baking and Harry Potter.  She decided she wanted to make each family member (3) cakes that have bdays in these next few weeks.  She made me an adorable 'pool' cake complete with her LOL dolls swimming and a graham cracker diving board....and fish sprinkles, and then I spent one morning with her crafting and helping her make these cupcakes for my cousin, Holly, who also loves Harry potter.
 Blythe baked the cupcakes with my aunt, and then I swung by and helped her cut a small cone out of the top of each cupcake.
 I dyed some white vanilla icing red, blue, green, and yellow to represent each house in Harry potter and snipped the tip off ziplock bags and she filled the cupcake holes.
 We capped them back (you could cut off part of the cone, but there wasn't much of a bump when we added the hat).
 She iced them...
I melted some white chocolate (in a ziplock again, and snipped the edge) and she 'glued' a kiss to an oreo and then placed each on the cupcake.
 We went swimming the next day and each of us bit into our cupcake to discover which house the sorting hat sorted us into.  I got Gryffindor.  She also left some of them with chocolate innards-those were muggles.
I originally saw the idea online, and it was a cupcake she loved putting together, though some people refuse to accept their house assignment.....look, the hat knows....

Shark Party

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 No comments
 Next to the Olympics, I think I probably look forward to Shark Week more than any other 'TV' time of the year.  So, when I found out my cousin's kiddos were coming this week (the week BEFORE shark week) I decided to put together a Shark Themed picnic for one of our days at the pool.  I found these two packs of blue buckets at the dollar store to pack individual lunches (because tables can be difficult to grab at the pool, so if we ended up on the ground, I thought we'd be able to better eat from these.
 I found little shark cups I personalized online, and shark napkins via Amazon.  To make serving easier, I just made 'tags' for each food.  Bugles=Shark Teeth, Grapes=Fish Eggs, Sandwiches cut like 'fins.'
 I also made some blue jello, I found these lidded cups at a store near me, and gummies at Sprouts (thought they also sell them online).  I put a few in the jello, and some whipped topping and another shark on top.
 I used some ocean washi to attach a spoon.
Sunburns and memories were made.

Donut/Bagel Board

Admittedly, I don't have an 'in use' photo for this board, but I decided not to wait to share, but....I will revisit this and add a picture of it in use soon!  I made this bagel board for something coming up, though I hope to be able to use it for lots of somethings (donuts) etc.  I found the board in the unfinished wood section at Hobby Lobby and, with my coupon, it was about 11 dollars.  I also bought 3 dowel rods.  
 I read that most bagels/donuts are 4 inches wide, so I measured the boards so that each hole can fit a donut that is about 4 1/2 inch from the next hole.  Then I had my brother drill holes into the board and cut down the dowel rod to 4 inch pieces.
 I like it because the dowels can be popped in and out.  If I just want to do 12 donuts or bagels, I'm going to put a sign or word across the top where the four dowels currently live.
I also have extra dowels in case I lose any, and my plan is to get some doilies, create a small x in the middle and push them around the dowel so the bagels aren't touching the board directly and getting it greasy.  Not gluing the dowels into the wood will allow easier storage, but I may eventually make these more permanent!
I could cover this with mineral oil if I wanted to make it more food safe, but for now, I think it'll work for it's next purpose!