Woodshed Smokehouse

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Every year I make a 'summer to do' list.  Projects I want to accomplish, and places in the area I want to visit.  This was my first item to check off this year.   One of my favorite magazines on planet earth is Texas, Highways.  I have a stack of magazines I really need to go back and peruse.  As if I need more things to add to the to do list, but.....I devour it and live by it and love exploring 'my' state.  Last month there was an article about the Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth.  The chef is Tim Love.  I recently attended a wedding in Fort Worth and had some time to kill between dropping off the flowers and attending the wedding.  My pal Kelly (who lives in FW) came and met me for a late lunch.  There are two draw backs, everything is open and outside-ish, though there is a section that is covered with a large fan.  It's Texas, it's still hot in June.  I also didn't account for smelling a bit 'smokehouse-ish' sitting near their roasting meats, but....I was going to the wedding solo, so....no dates complained. 
Everything was homemade, apparently the hamburgers are amazing.  I got the pulled pork.  I guess my taste pallet isn't quite up to par b/c despite the fact that even the condiments and pickles are homemade, it takes me awhile to really wrap my mind around the fact that this 'flavor' is not packaged and actually 'good.'  It was good, just 'different' and definitely high quality. 
 There was a live band, even at 3 on a Saturday, and it overlooks the trinity river.  Not a bad view, and a great place to relax and catch up. 
OK, but I have to admit-as a person that gets hysterical at movies like Bambi, the diverse menu includes different sausages every day-rattlesnake, wild boar etc, or lamb tacos etc etc etc.  This is sooooo up my brother's alley-outdoorsy carnivore.  My friend assures me these dishes are to die for, but I'd sort of just rather die than eat them, so....if you have an adventurous pallet, and didn't grow up thinking Kraft Macaroni was a treat (man, I love that stuff), I'd definitely say give it a go.  Otherwise, come over any time and I'll whip up a box of the cheesy noodles for us.  I'm just sayin'.....free review if you live in the area.  Now.....back to my magazine to do list....

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