Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! This morning we all met up and attended church together, which was a great way to start out the morning. Lunch went well, though we missed Jimmy and Lydia (I took a picture of what it would have looked like if you had been here, it's a rice crispie treat, covered with white chocolate, with a decorative face, the reflection from the camera doesn't lend well to getting the 'full effect' :O)). Everyone had a good time, and enjoyed a great meal, and a game of BUNNY basketball afterwards (Horse, to those of you who haven't participated in holiday 'sporting' activities at my house, the name just changes to a seasonal character, or birthday person's name). Brian is probably tired of winning and would like some real competition to visit again soon (though I got CLOSER this year than in the past, watch out.....I might start practicing before the next holiday, and then who KNOWS what sort of chaos will come down). Jason enjoyed consulting with the Easter bunny this year and purchasing goodies to leave for Xavier and Taylor.....ironically, the tooth fairy had to come the same evening....I would have liked to have seen that match up. I hope that each of you had a peaceful Easter and a chance to reflect on the history behind the holiday, and the blessings it brings to our future! I can't wait to hear what the bunny brought you, and how you each spent your day!


Maurine said...

Holidays at your house always sound so much FUN! And very detailed. How cute is that bunny...I wanna come.

Christy said...

You are welcome anytime, but you should request a game of ping pong instead.....all my cousins are very, very tall, which is my excuse for why they can shoot the basketball better.....THOUGH I will say my short Mom has mastered the granny shot.....she has come very close to beating them with her very technical basketball moves.

JimmyMariam said...

The is actually from Lydia, by the way! Thanks for missing us! We had a great Easter with a family from our church. It was fun, but not as fun as being with our REAL family!