Sunday, April 02, 2006


Today I did a 'first'.....after teaching Saturday school, I ended up getting lost on the way to the mall I wanted to visit, and since I had to be back over here in time to go to a birthday party this evening I just decided to do something I've never done before----->Shop at IKEA, when the store opened awhile back, I remember hearing murmurs from Houston friends when they got their store, and it was all over the news here, about the hours people spent in line etc.....and lines that were a mile long blah blah blah. I went. It was very crowded, but nothing like the opening day.....but, wow, what a great store! It would be even more fabulous for someone with a modern house, but I still managed to spend a pretty penny, but I got great value for my money...everything was SOOOOO affordable, it was shocking to see such great prices on some pretty cool gadgets. It's definitely worth seeing at least once....