Monday, April 10, 2006

Ranger's Game!

This weekend I went to my first Ranger's game of the season....I also got my first burn, everyone needs a funky burn to start out the summer, I got mine, half my body is crispy, the left side is still pasty white, I think my eyeballs are even burnt.....boy is it painful, just another reminder to WEAR SUNSCREEN. OK....back to my 'boys'....I knew very few of the guys playing :O(....though Detroit was in town with their new pitcher (our OLD pitcher, Kenny Rogers, who attacked the camera man last proud we were), he was booed. Pudge Rodriguez also plays for the Tigers now :O(.....he was cheered. Can you believe it, we actually WON!!! I think it's like the second win of the year....we are just warming up...of course. The next game I'm headed to is May 6th, I'm taking Taylor, Xavier, and the rest of the family (Jason, the sports fanatic did NOT want to be left out)....we play the Yankees, maybe I can bring some good charma (just fyi, positive Yankee comments are NOT permitted on this blog ;oP).