Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day One....

Day one of summer vacation is officially coming to a close...it was a pretty productive day.....with a few more busy days on the horizon. I presented my first workshop for the district, which went off without a hitch, met Mom for lunch, exchanged, purchased and "to do listed" myself home. I swung by Sonia's for a long/quick stop to figure out how to make my cuts for the quilt I plan to make for myself this summer (see above photos of the fabric I'm using, the spirals is an ironing board, the fabric is folded down it will someday be a quilt) I became a little obsessive about that when I got home and wanted to match up all my squares NOW....basically what I learned was that I know nothing about quilting, but I look forward to learning how to quilt all over again! This evening I caught up with a few friends (Hi, Marie-it's not the weekend and I'm posting!), what I call, laughingly, a little exercise was then on the agenda, next-watching the Mav's game for a little while (I decided I didn't want to ruin such a nice day, so I just turned it off)....and wa la....a day is done....don't worry I won't be giving you detailed daily descriptions EVERY DAY....but you get it for today. I am looking forward to the rest of the week...bridal shop looking with Sandye tomorrow after lunch, Friday is cheesecake day with Holly (and I'm showing her a little treasure I calle IKEA), Saturday is the Susan G Komen walk, Sunday is the Global Day of Prayer, and Monday I'll be in Hawaii at this time in the evening!


JimmyMariam said...

My goodness...you stay busy! It's exciting that you're going to Hawaii soon. I hope you have a great time!