Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today Holly and I went to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth via the rail and Trinity Railroad. It was an overcast day, but it made walking around very pleasant for late June! They have a ton of different gardens, though their largest exhibit was the Japanese Garden. I'm attaching some photos I took This little guy on my blog had a lot of larger friends, but I fell in love with him. He's no bigger than my pinky (compare him to the grass blades) and he was running around the Braille sign in the Scent Garden (for seeing impaired visitors, it is full of herbs etc with vivid smells), but I negotiated with him and he posed for a picture. (Side note: Nicole, they no longer have the farmer's market and restaurants in that building we went to in Downtown Fort Worth!). On the way home we stopped by the West End (it's closing July 30th and the owners are going to find more lucrative plans---maybe another apartment complex? It's a really happening part of town right now with the American Airlines and the Victory project going on around there). I have a ton of great memories there, and I was glad to go in at least one last time (and come out with some fudge from the fudgery! ;o)). Last, we stopped at the Farmer's Market in downtown Plano....Holly and I made a goal this summer to try out things we have never done before....the Botanical Gardens can now be crossed off the list!

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