Honey, I'm home....

Thursday, June 15, 2006
I made it back.....which is saying quite a bit if I told you about my experience with United....the hassle of four different cancelations on the way there, and an emergency landing, a running leap on board the last flight out, and then some pretty crazy turbulance on the way home....BUT....in the end, the bookends of my trip are nothing compared to the fun had in Hawaii. I'm currently uploading a small selection of photos to share :O)...I think I took almost 600 with all the different cameras combined, five of which have not been developed yet, and I still don't feel like I captured the essence....all I can say is that Hawaii spoils you for anywhere else! It's beautiful, beautiful, and I can't say it enough beautiful.....paradise is about the only word I can think of.....I go back to my dessert comment before.....if an earthly paradise is this incredible.....can you imagine what heaven will be like if it's 'unimagineable'....if you can get only one place....go to Hawaii at least once....we ate, shopped, swam and site saw our way around.....as you will see.....it was so relaxing....I truly did forget about any problems (though I WAS aware enough to remember to ask about the Mav's game.....and it was even talked about and mentioned a few times when people questioned where I was from!). I also invented what I think will be a VERY trendy activity I like to call florkeling.....it's sort of like snorkeling, minus contact with scary fish. I was having a superduper time swim swim swimming along and gazing at the lovely striped fish and THEN there were eels, snakes, octopus in pairs and big gray bug eyed fish and urchins and all the sudden poof....desire to float with fish was swept away, but I had been having such a good time....to attempt to overcome my fear of 'ugly things' I did the rest of my snorkeling laying on my float and sticking my head under...pictures were taken, but you WON'T find them on the site I send.....I think if you thought about it, and could get past the ridiculous, you would see the cleverness in florkeling. I also bought so many cute things you would vomit if you saw it all.....if anyone wants to go to Hawaii let me know....I think I'd be a super duper tour guide!

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JimmyMariam said...

Welcome back! I hope you didn't see any of the Mav's games while you were in Hawaii. It was ugly :( But I'm not giving up! They are GOING to beat Miami this Sunday!!