Monday, July 10, 2006


I just finished reading "The Case For a Creator" by Lee Strobel. I've read "The Case for Christ" and "The Case for Faith" because I was fascinated by Lee Strobel's story. If you don't know he was an athiest who believed in Darwanism etc growing up and only after his wife became a Christian did he start exploring Christianity.....his intention was to prove to everyone why there was no way it was a rational, valid stand and in turn he discovered there is no worthy evidence against Christianity and all signs point towards God and specifically Jesus. This latest book had a lot of 'big terms' for me, it really dealt with the different theories regarding how the universe was created and in the end science points towards a Creator, God and not scientific processes, though it also deals with how God reveals himself through His Creation so we know Him better and what we learn about him through each element. It's actually amazing (and not so much when you think about how evil is so rampant) to see all the scientific 'coverups'.....I learned about these scientific theories in junior high and high school that so many rely on that are never really portrayed 'scientifically' (the things that went wrong, the substances that were controlled, the elements of the experiments that had to be manipulated and twisted that in any other circumstance nobody would ever allow to to be a valid experiment.) In fact, I was thinking about the lessons still being taught in our science book in 6th grade that doesn't address the different variables. They have been so manipulated and controlled to try to fit into the other theories it's insane, and the longer I'm a Christian, the more I see how saying you are a Christian or bringing up anything regarding your faith can offend people like no other subject, which seems like a lot of evidence for Christianity in itself. I was at a dinner party last fall where a similar line of discussion came up regarding scientific evidence, and though the point is never to win a debate, you can win a debate and definitely walk away without making the impact necessary, it's always good to have more knowledge so I decided to add this book to my summer reading list. My brain literally hurts after some of the chapters b/c of all the technical and scientific terms. There were a LOT of times the scientists he interviews for the book use phrases like: zillions upon zillions (3 lines at times of the word zillion) of the likelyhood of things like-planets in other clusters that could be like earth, life coming from nonliving elements, the mind (soul) versus the brain (my favorite chapter, actually) was fascinating, I'd recommend the book, it's well written, very 'journalistic' (Strobel's career was a newspaper reporter). I think he had a good point though, there is so much evidence that so many people refuse to look at because if they do "the truth you uncover is going to demand a response." Just be ready to think....and yes, the term 'globular' is made me describes a star cluster, or am I the only one that didn't know that? I'm going to add it to my vocabulary list of favorite words to use.