Sunday, August 06, 2006

August 5th, we celebrated Holly's 21rst birthday! We actually began the celebration on the 4th with dinner out and cake....then it carried over into the 5th with a little surprise breakfast before we headed out to Shreveport, LA. It takes over 3 hours to get there, though I didn't time it, it seems closer to 4 in my estimation, but it's worth the trip. We stayed at the Isle of Capri, which has now changed it's name (and soon it's theme) to Diamond Jacks, after a stop at the Cracker Barrel (Holly's favorite) for lunch. We swam in the hotel pool, which was very nice, then put Holly's new age to use in the casinos. We ran some money through the slot machines, and SOME of us were more successful than others, though success=just about breaking even for most, with a few bucks extra for spending)....the experience was what we were going for. We got it....WE also hit up the all you can eat buffet, and ate pretty much "all we could eat." Then we played around in the jacuzzi in the room, which was huge! This morning we got up and went to the pool (the third time in a swimsuit in less than 24 hours)....then drove home via a stop in Tyler for bbq and ice cream (another of Holly's favorites).

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Maurine said...

What a FUN way to spend the 21st bday!!