Henry Ray

Sunday, September 03, 2006

This cute little baby belongs to Carrilee (a fellow Baylor grad), who now lives a in Washington most of the time, but came to the metroplex to visit grandparents and friends. Getting to meet Henry in person was definitely one of the highlights of an already great weekend :O). I watched cute Henry wiggle, wiggle, wiggle and taste every toy and body part in sight and caught up with Carrilee on the last five months of being a Mom. I know by the time he comes back this next winter he'll probably be showing off his running skills....he has a very busy agenda, no doubt he's got a lot of talent to put to use inherited from Mom and Dad. He is such a happy, sweet baby, he must know what an amazing Mom he's got :O).


Holly said...

He reminds me of Cole from the daycare that I worked at.
Very cute!

Maurine said...

Very cute baby, 2006 must be the year of the boy.