Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I absolutely LOVE fall, there is NOTHING like it.....I'm in the best mood because the weather is so fabulous, and there are so many THINGS to do, see, experience, look forward to! I know it should be depressing to see the leaves change colors and fall off the tree (and have to be raked into leaf bags for HOURS on end)....but....I LOVE it all....even the raking! Even with kids going to the office because they are getting a LITTLE too comfortable to remember to be respectful, meetings from here through Christmas break almost nightly.....and another losing season for the Baylor Bears....it never fails to gear me up for the slide into the new year! I love it when you don't count the days by the number of days in a row it hits 100, and when you can turn the AC off (and maybe start paying back the loan sharks for the money you had to borrow to pay those electric bills this summer). I love the anticipation of the holidays.....I love it when it gets dark early, and football is on every Sunday so you have a reason to order, and eat pizza every week.....and the best part is you can wear a sweater to cover up the extra calories. I LOVE the State Fair, the Balloon Festival, The local Art Festivals and pumpkin patches. I love Halloween candy....high school football games on Friday...or at least the memory of the games and dances and friendships....I'm pretty sure I'm fond of the other seasons as well, but right now I can't remember why because I'm enjoy this season so much.