Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble, Gobble

Holly came over yesterday and we did a little pre-Thanksgiving baking, including the pumpkin shaped pumpkin breads (this year's table decoration). We also baked some cookies, just for fun, that I saw in the Sunday paper, I already had most of the supplies and thought they looked fun (and delicious), they are little turkeys, some people didn't seem to recognize their shape. Everything turned out well, the food was good, Jason and the family came over along with the Mariams(Jason hung the Christmas lights on my house while I 'supervised'). After a game of basketball 'Turkey' we headed out to see the new movie-Santa Clause 3-The Escape Clause, it was a cute, especially for a THIRD sequel. Now it's time for me to skim the ads for a reason to get up at 4 am tomorrow....I'm sure I can find one :O) I hope your Thanksgiving was full of reasons to be thankful.....and that you have a little wobble in your step tomorrow because you had so much fabulous food!


LeeAnne said...

looks delicious!!! hope you had fun shopping. I had thanksgiving in Tucson this year with JP and some friends. I am still full.

Maurine said...

Good movie choice, great minds think alike

Anonymous said...

I love your decorations. You are soo creative and to think you were worried about how you were going to make decorative desserts for Thanksgiving. As always you've given me something to strive for.