Monday, December 11, 2006

Memory Lane

This year I am really excited because the very first class of students I taught will be graduating in a little over a year! In fact, the group I taught as a student teacher (who were in 4th grade) are also graduating at the same time! So, I ran across autobiographies they wrote (my kiddos from the district I'm currently in) and they have been in the back of my mind for years b/c I think I remember telling them I would be getting those to them somehow before they graduated (I have since wisened up a bit and started sending them home with their parents at the graduation ceremony). In their autobiographies they talked about their past, present (that good ole sixth grade drama and pals) and future (which was the most fun). So, I wrote up a little letter, copied some old school pictures and included their biographies and individually sealed each little bundle. I spoke with the principal of the school that those that continued on the path they were on would be attending and she was really excited to deliver them. I included my work email and have received the most precious emails over the last few days from some of the students letting me know how they are doing (with hopefully more to come). I've been really pleased by the number of NLE alumns that are still there, and the successes they have gave me a little glimmer of hope. They had so much to overcome, and having done so....being the 'first' they hold a special spot in my memories. I have two more students that moved after sixth grade, but were just old souls and so incredible, I'm on the hunt to locate them and get them their autobiographies....I know they are doing well, I'd just love to know what they are doing :O).