Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas

A few photos from my family Christmas.
Mom and I spent Christmas Eve with the family attending services, eating dinner at my Aunt's, and checking out lights. Christmas Day everyone came over to my house and Jason and his family joined us. I felt spoiled having everyone here...running out of chairs is my very favorite issue to solve at any holiday :O). All family members eating at my table on Christmas were subjected to torture via my new video camera. The interview questions for the year? The five best things that happened this year and their predictions/hopes for the coming year. The plan is to watch it next holiday season and see what a difference a year makes and be able to reflect back on this year with a smile. Thus far, I am the only one who knows what each person said...for a large bribe I could probably be convinced to reveal the findings early, but I doubt my price can be met....