Texas, Our Texas....

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
....I just got home from a short trip to Austin. I went down yesterday with my principal, counselor and our Instructional Specialist. My name was 'drawn' from the teachers that give TAKS to tag along and accept an award for the school. It was a good time getting to know the 'new' principal....I feel like I got to know her as more of a person and see a lot of strength I think will be emerging as she gets her feet wet this year as 'The' Principal of the school (we don't have a VP)....we participated in a seminar, and got fed at an awards reception, then we shopped and ate our way home after spending the night. It's rare that teachers get to 'travel,' so it was nice, though I'm pretty tired now....I'm looking forward to at three day week! I also learned a lot about some of the other principals and how they do their jobs....there were some very interesting revelations, and I'm glad to be where I currently am.

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