Monday, March 05, 2007

The new Mrs. F

This past week I headed to Columbia, SC for Regan's wedding. I enjoyed getting to spend time with 'the family' again, and I got to put my 'florist' skills (I'm using the term 'skill' very lightly here) to use, I learned a lot and would feel even more prepared next time-I need more time and a cool place, but everything turned out well. (This photo is one Liz took of my bouquet). We had a fun laugh at Regan's expense during one of her 'bridezilla' moments that included a few hundred yards of tulle and a missed meal. (Liz also took this picture of the Chaplain, Regan and Dave on the deck where the ceremony took place the next day). We had a lot of laughs this weekend-and when the wedding pictures get here they will tell the story better than I can. (Regan in her dress before we headed over to the clubhouse). I also (obviously) met Regan's new husband, Dave for the first time, he was very gracious and welcoming and I enjoyed getting to know him and appreciated his effort in getting to know 'the girls.' Regan's friend Liz also made the trip from N.C. and we spent a lot of time catching up, she took some really great photos with her snazzy new camera and I should be getting the rest of the 'wedding photos' in the mail in the near future, but for the moment, I'm giving you a taste...


mcewen said...

nothing like a wedding to boost the spirits.