Saturday, June 16, 2007

He Had It Coming

I interupt this trip report to bring you some news from 'day to day' life. Today I marked one of the 101 things I wanted to do off my list (I think I've previously mentioned that I made a list awhile back with trip locations to visit (or revisit), movies I wanted to watch, books I wanted to read, and restaurants etc I wanted to go to-both big, and small). One of the locations on my list was the Old Mills Restaurant at Fair Park in Dallas. It's only open on select days, and it's not a restaraunt you hop on down to any ole time given it's location in the middle of a bunch of museums downtown, AND when I go to Fair Park for the fair each fall-I'm too busy eating fair food to eat there. BUT TODAY I finally ate there-and it was some great homecooking! I had the best chicken fried chicken (granted-I don't eat a lot of it) and gravy I've ever had. The rolls were great too (usually the bread is the place I start when ranking a restaurant). After lunch Mom, Lois, Holly and I headed on over to see the musical Chicago-this is a great season for summer musicals in Dallas, and I hope it's not the last of the ones I get to see this year. It was really cute, and for those of you who have seen it before-"Cue my exit music now...."