Wednesday, June 13, 2007

There's no place like home....

I've made it home again! I just got in a little while ago, and I've completed uploading all my pictures.....and there are a LOT! I'm going to work on getting them into slideshow format soon, and then I'll blog an 'event by event' account for all both of you who still read my blogs ;o). I had a really amazing time, and I saw a lot of really fabulous sites. Most of the adventures I'm going to have to retain in my memory because we were met with a lot of rain (and snow!), and some pretty cloudy photo taking days, but despite the clouds, the site seeing was fabulous. I hit 6 new states I had never been to, I met a lot of animals I had never seen before in the 'wild' and I've added some 'must revisit' places to the long list of places I love! And so the story telling will begin soon.....In the meantime, let me leave you with one of the 'gifts' I brought back for the dogs. I found this 'educational toy' at the pet store in Santa Fe. There are three squeaky bees you put in the hive (after you put them in your dirty laundry to make them 'appealing' to the dogs, which we had plenty of by the end of the trip!) and the dogs work to get the bees out of the holes. Max has already mastered the bee retraction process....I guess he's advanced!