Wednesday, August 15, 2007

#2 Pencils's creeping thing I've learned about my new position is that it requires even more time than my last position. I'm not sure of the impression I have made thus far with the new department I'm working for....I may be a little too '6th grade.' I've now completed two of five presentations I'll be making. The first was a group of pretty grouchy specialist, you could tell they had been around for a long time...seasoned teachers are the worst to present for....the second one was a group of 'new teachers' very favorite group to present for....they aren't 'broken' just yet....though there are a few bad apples (ha ha-teaching pun) in every group. Next week I have a really fun one on Monday for my school, I know that will go well-you can stink up the place and your friends will always support you (they'll wait until your back is turned to share the negative ;o)). The last presentation falls under the category "What I did over my summer vacation." Somehow I have fallen in love the curriculum we have been able to write for SS, BUT it's just another thing to add to a teacher's plate....I mean, if you eat too much, no matter how good dessert looks, there just isn't room for it. I wish I could just say "Don't shoot the messenger."....I'll survive, I always do.....and thus completes a week in the work life of Christy :O) The morale of the story-I'm glad I'm not in the classroom full time, I know it'll still be busy, and hard, but it'll be a different set of complaints....the old ones were even starting to bore me :O).