Happy 23th 29th +1 Day Birthday to Mom!

Monday, September 17, 2007
Mom's birthday was yesterday. Barbies+Pink+Lots of Dr Pepper=A Good Time. Some of us (us being-my Mom) have bitter memories regarding their mother's decision about a Barbie vs. a Tammy doll (apparently Tammy was less 'developed' and controversial at the time). The theme this year was 'Barbie' thanks to my Aunt Lois, who even got my Mom her first Barbie doll (among other things)....and Ken-I always wanted enough Ken's for all my Barbies to have a boyfriend (I had to borrow my brother's GI-Joes-which were much shorter)....but I guess I was preparing for real life. There aren't enough Ken's for us Barbies-all we have left are the short, green men.

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