Sunday, September 23, 2007

As I was driving to see my Mom on Saturday morning the balloons were just launching up over my neighborhood from the balloon festival (about a mile from my house) that took place this weekend. Once they are all up there are anywhere from 20-30 you can see around the neighborhood. We were also able to enjoy the launches 2 times a day from my Mom's hospital room 20 minutes away in central Plano. All went well this weekend considering the nature of the situation and they have sent my Mom home this evening less than 48 hours from when she got out of a five hour surgery and 2 hour recovery process (insurance is interesting). I think she was ready to get home regardless. There is a lot of healing, test, and surgery left to do, but the 'big surgery' is now over with and she can concentrate on mending until the next step. My aunt and I pretty much camped out at the hospital, and we also had a lot of support through calls and visits over the weekend.


Nicole said...

Sounds like the surgery went well then?

I'll be praying for your mom's recovery.

Maurine & Derek said...

I hope that things continue to look up. My prayers go out to both of you. LOVE YOU!