Cooking Lesson

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Today is the first night of Hanukah-I didn't know that until yesterday when Sandye called to see if we could change our Starbucks get together to a Starbucks run and time spent at her house while she prepped some Potato Latkes for a party she was attending tonight....with a cooking lesson thrown in because if there's a new skill to learn, you know I want to obtain it. It was neat to know just a little more about someone else's culture, family recipe, cooking tradition etc. Sandye was pretty daring to allow me into her kitchen. I only find minor culinary success upon occassion under the appropriate supervision. I now could probably prep Potato Latkes on my own, but no promises, Sandye guided me the whole way-they were very yummy.

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Maddy said...

I think I'd be more of a 'buy ready made' kind of a gal on this particular occasion.
BEst wishes

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