Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ponderings from the Peanut Gallery

I love to check blogs, and I do so on a daily basis, but I have not been good about updating mine the last few weeks with the frequency in which I would like my friend's to update theirs :O). I guess I'm waiting for the 'excitement' to begin...I love life every day, but the outside might not be quite as 'in love' with my day to day life as I am. At the expense of wanting to at least attempt a little bit of entertainment, here are my updates:
-Prior to going back to work I got a lot of socializing in (I know, I know, pick yourself up off the floor. The ongoing (not such a joke) is that you do have to book a reservation quite awhile in advance, spontaneous outings just don't happen as frequently as I would like.). It amazes me the number of coffee outings I have despite the little fact that I don't drink coffee, and the number of meals I eat out despite the fact that I'm always watching calories (I usually watch them exit my fork and enter my mouth).
-I also have been working on my scrapbook for 2007. I use the word 'work' very lightly. The 'stuff' is out....perhaps through some sort of process so creative I don't even know I'm 'working' I am gathering ideas? There just isn't much going down on the pages...but that's typically how I work-All, or nothing. I choose nothing for now.
-I have been ADDICTED to the day to day election news. I watch debates and caucus results like most people follow their favorite team. I do love the democratic process. I like it best when my guy wins.
-Keep my Mom in your prayers, her next surgery is now scheduled for January 30th. Her take on the situation is that she is looking forwared to the time off. I guess there is nothing quite as fun as live daytime TV :O) It's not the way I'd choose to get some time off work, but it's not atypical for her to make lemonade out of the lemons life deals.
-In the dash entitled 'deep thoughts'....can I just say I feel as though I have a million little-to-big decisions to be making in the next few weeks and months, and sometimes it's interesting the more you know, the less you know what to do. I pray, look in the bible, ask my friends, ask my dogs, and come back to square one. I war within the gray areas when I wonder if I'm called to do something, or NOT to do something, or to do something a different way. In the end, I wouldn't have it any other way.