Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At the risk of being 'boring....'

So far,things have been relatively normal the last week in my life. This weekend was all about shopping, eating, and spending time with lots of different friends. There was a minor kink in the weekend called Saturday School, but not even that is so bad after all these years of trugging up there on Saturday :O). The one thing I'm doing right now that I'm LOVING (and it's something I will be doing for at least another 6 months) is a bible study called 5 Aspects! It's a study of how and why God created woman,and it's a really beautiful way or seeing His inspiration, and plan! It's divided into 5 Aspects, and it takes each one, explains how woman was created, how sin has impacted that, and how to regain that aspect. I could never do it justice, other than to say it is my absolute favorite bible study thus far. It was originally created for a theology college course. I attend that study on Sunday night and have been enjoying the company, the discussions, and the reading! This week has brought the last full week before the first series of TAKS test. There are few students testing next Wednesday, but keep them in your prayers! They are put under a lot of pressure, and have put in a lot of work to grow this year,and to prepare. I have an opinion on a test that test all kids in the same grade, regardless of the situation in life with the same source (not that they aren't capable, but some have not been equipped equally), but I am for holding teachers accountable to show a year of growth for each child, there's a better way, but for now...this is it, so....you know what I'll be doing to fill out the rest of my week! P.s. ...because post are a litlte more fun with pictures, I'm attaching a picture of one of my favorite things about every week, my furr baby.


Brian and Ella said...

not boring at all! i love reading about what's been going on with you!! hope your busy week goes well.