Friday, February 15, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I really don't know that scrapbooking is something that can be understood outside of the scrapbooking circle of when I say this, it won't impact anyone but myself, and maybe two other people, but....I just finished my 2007 scrapbook! Scrapbooking is definitely a labor of love. It takes forever. It cost a fortune. And if you don't do it, it's really hard to 'get.' By the end of EVERY scrapbook I do I'm slapping down stickers, cramming pictures on pages and covered in gluesticks. I've been working on 2007 since last spring (granted, I couldn't finish it then, but....I've been working on it on and off for a year). I am sooooo glad to say I'm done, and I just remember I had it on one of my to do list, and now I get to cross it off, which makes me EVEN happier! Every album I recommit to only doing my best job, but then a few hours in, and a few pages done, and nothing seems right, so I start plopping pictures down. The last few months I had a ton of fun with my newest addition (Christmas gift from Mom) to my tools-a Cricut that cuts out different styles of letters!


Brian and Ella said...

congratulations christy! i'm very impressed you got it done...i still have a half-done honeymoon scrapbook (from almost 8 years ago), which hopefully one day i will finish. so now my goal is to just get pictures in an album and write the date on it. all that to say, i'm very impressed!!

Christy said...

I'm impressed that you are raising 3 boys, I think it's either/or for us! You are taking great pictures, the scrapbooks can wait, it'll be something to look forward to :O).