Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dallas In Bloom

This morning my cousin Holly and I headed downtown to the Arboretum. Each spring they have a large tulip collection on a display throughout the park, and they call the event 'Dallas In Bloom". It was a gorgeous day.


Brian and Ella said...

beautiful pictures, christy!! and yes, i definitely would LOVE to see you next time we're in town...which will be mid-june...we need to schedule it to make sure it happens!! it was definitely crazy this past week...i had plans of free nights and getting together with friends, and it didn't really happen. 7 kids (4 and under) will do that to you!! it was fun but a madhouse! :) i wish your spring break had been the week before. oh well. have a wonderful week off!

Maurine & Derek said...

I LOVE TULIPS!! I want to come and on my 101 list is to go the spring tour at the white house for their tulips.

Kelly said...

great pictures, I'm so proud!!!