Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday Ponderings

Today Pastor Graham talked about building your life on the rock solid foundation of Christ. It was a great message from 1 Peter 2:4-10. He said something that I'm going to concentrate on this week. I've heard it before in many ways, but I always love it presented in any worded form. It comes from the vs.9-11, in a sentence: "God made you who you are, so you can tell the world who He is." Despite life's trials, I feel joy because I have the company of the Holy Spirit in my soul, and I know I need to share this more. Today as I was rushing from one outing to another, which fills my life way too often, I thought-I do not say this enough....I do not share this enough. As Easter approaches, how fortunate I feel for this "mess" I call my life because it is now "my message"! I am so excited each day, but more so each year I celebrate being a Christian! I don't always feel this way-but today I was just treasuring each trial for the opportunities they provide!