Weekend With Marie

Saturday, March 29, 2008
This weekend one of my favorite people came up to visit. Marie (Baylor Buddy) came up from Houston to catch up, and talk wedding now that she and Travis are heading towards the alter. She brought me the cutest Easter basket, full of all my favorite things:

I took her to a craft fair in town on Friday night, and we both agreed these giraffe print lunch bags with lime green handles were too cute to pass up. We both got one with lots of bling, and then many other goodies.

After Saturday School I took Marie to a wedding to help serve cake, and sample chocolate.

After a breakfast of liquid chocolate, and cake crumbs, we headed to Sprinkles for a lunch of cupcakes.

We spent the afternoon shopping up and down Dallas. I found this cute little art piece for my kitchen. This artist makes 'new hearts, out of old parts'....every piece is old wood carved and cut, with rusted and warn metal parts. I love the idea that the pieces had a life and a story of their own prior to this little art piece. I bought a ton of other fun stuff, but this was my favorite purchase.

We headed to Babe's for dinner. I had heard about this cute restaruant with rave reviews, and Marie agreed to try it out.
We arrived just ahead of the crowd. They have the cutest little area outside that you can choose between truck beds, John Deer tractor seats, and more while waiting. Once seated the food is served family style, it was yummy!

And the final fun thing of the day-a wedding theme! Marie has chosen the peacock feather to work for her color scheme. I love a good wedding theme. I can't wait to watch all the details come together.


Hurtado Family said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those lunch bags!

Brian and Ella said...

that's where i forgot to go when i was in dallas...sprinkles!! i'm dying to try it. next time i'm in town, christy, you want to go with me?

Christy said...

I saw the same pattern at sample house (they also have a zebra print with hot pink), they had all sorts of products in all sizes etc.

I'm definitely up for Sprinkles! I can't wait to hang out, even though it's in the future, I'm looking forward to it!

Prof Mariam said...

HEY, I just had my first sprinkles cupcake! Jimmy and I went with some friends to Beverly Hills to try sprinkles. Definitely amazing.

Fiskeygrl said...

I WANT A BAG!!!! I WANT BLING! So, I just added two more posts, that's been taking forever and ever, so I thought maybe people will add me to their blogs too!!