Monday, April 21, 2008

Maurine and Derek's Wedding

Sunday took me down the road towards a precious little Bed, and Breakfast in Auburndale, Florida. Maurine, and Derek's wedding wins for the prettiest location of any wedding I have ever attended. A storm passed through an hour or so before the wedding and really cooled off the grounds, so not only did everything look fabulous, but it was such a refreshing day to have an outside wedding. I know I've heard of the elusive outside wedding, and I've even attended a few, but this really showed me why people attempt it, despite all the variables! Every great once in awhile, it's perfect, and this day certainly was one to treasure! The theme was butterflies, and there were some really memorable moments with the little critters (in a picture, one almost forgets they are a six-legged insect, and it really was a fun aspect to add to the ceremony). Butterflies filled the place, from the live release, to butterfly fans, butterflies on the tables, cake, sign-in, wine stopper favors, butterfly bubble send off etc (it's all about those details!). I loved getting to watch the festivities unfold, and be in the middle of it all. Beautiful Day, Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Butterflies! It's another day I'll quilt into the fabric of my life, and carry with me. Best wishes to Maurine and Derek on many more memoriable days like Sunday!

The Manor
The Ceremony Location
The Bride
The Vowels
The Butterfly Kisses
The Cake
The Send Off


Hurtado Family said...

Great pictures! I love the flowers in the first one. The scenary from teh wedding looks breathtaking! Maurine looks just the same! =)

Maurine & Derek said...

Thank you so much for all your compliments! I had a fabulous time and it meant the world to me, that you were able to attend.