Weddings, and Babies, and Bows....Oh My!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Yesterday, I walked into Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the fourth time in about a week to print off a gift registry for a wedding shower next weekend. They ALWAYS insist on telling you how to use the gift registry, even when I tell them I know how this works. This time I was a little firmer, I was polite, but I tried out a new answer, 'I promise, I know how to do this.' I think at this point, if wedding registers were an olypic sport, I'd need a case to store my gold medal (I believe they sell one in the frame section of BB&B). No true complaints, I always love a good shower, followed by an even better wedding. I have four coming up in May alone, with weddings, and 2 babies on the way (and if you are wondering, none of those belong to me ;o)). I have a roommate at school this year, I would imagine she is tired of my 'stuff' lying around b/c I'm always lugging up gifts to work for the showers, and storing them in the room, and stacking them on her math crates,and at home I have a rotating table that always is housing the 'next gift':

My roommate also has to put up with my little projects (see the shower invite below for a baby shower I'm helping host in a few weeks, we are using the Asian Theme I did previous for a wedding shower, with a twist, the Mom to be had an Asian Themed wedding, and is really into Chinese culture etc). My room was a one-man assembly line of gluesticks, scissors, ribbons, and cookies this week.

When I'm not buying gifts, or attending showers, I'm traveling. I LOVE a good excuse to travel,even for a very short weekend. This weekend I'm headed to Florida for Maurine's wedding. I leave tomorrow a little early from school, and drive to Mobile, then on to FL on Friday. Kelly is journeying with me to keep me company, and I'm sure we will create some pretty fun adventures along the way. We are making a quick stop in Epcot on Saturday, which I'm super excited about,then I head out Sunday after the ceremony. Blogs, and pictures to follow. Needless to say, life is fun, and it comes in happy waves.

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