Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cupcakes and Check-Ups

I can't believe it's only Wednesday! Tomorrow I'm co-hosting a shower for a gal at work who is due in a few months with a girl. She loves all things Asian (including her husband whose family is from China, though she is not) and so I get to recycle my Asian theme, I'm excited, and also ready to be 'done' with it.....which is typically how I get once I've thought about something long enough! Tonight I iced 48 cupcakes and stuck mama, and baby cranes on each (you can guess the color scheme). I've said it before, but several years back a student from Korea taught me a few origami tricks, if he only knew how far that little trick would take me! I spent yesterday dipping fortune cookies in chocolate at school for favors with some other teaching buddies, it was a fun break from 'real work.' I'm sure I'll have pictures of that tomorrow. In other news, my ear needs some divine intervention. I finally went to the doctor after months of a 'clogged' up ear and hearing lose, and then Monday the rest of my head stopped up, my temperature went up, and my back hurt. A few months back I was at the doctor about a rash that suddenly appeared all over my arms and legs and wouldn't leave, and I was given a mega dose of steroids, and I had her look at the ear then, but she just saw a lot of fluid and chalked it up to allergies. I guess that answer was only good for a week or so more and I should have gone back in, it's a lot worse, and she couldn't (or wouldn't) tell me anything more than it's not normal. I got super powered antibiotics for the 'rest' of my issues, but.... It's now off to the ear, nose,and throat specialist and my prayer is that it's nothing but a case of stinky ears. My biggest issue yesterday as I felt yucky, was....really, how old is too old to wear your pjs to the doctor?
P.s. No, I did not wear pajamas, I just wanted to!


Nicole said...

Are you putting the fortune cookies in the Chinese food take-out boxes (that I think I've seen you use before)?

Sorry to hear about the ear! Hope they can figure out what's wrong. (That's the worst part - them not knowing. I have a story about that...)

Maurine & Derek said...

I love all the pics. I hope that you are feeling better. Keep us posted

Charles and Heidi said...

Please tell us that they discovered what was going on with your ear, rash, fever and backache! YIKES!
Hope all is well now