Friday, May 16, 2008

A Little Pick Me Up

I've been thinking about my first group of students a lot over the last few weeks as they get ready to graduate. I remember I wanted to save the world, and didn't really understand the magnitude of that idea until I meet a class full of kids from a life full of drama. My first few years were TOUGH, but they are still my best two years. I've enjoyed all the students I've had, but those first few years were really special. I learned so much from the students, and then they went off into the world of junior high. The environment was rough, the obstacles ahead of some of those students in the next six years seemed almost insurmountable. Today, my old teaching pal and I went and surprised a few at the high school. We only had enough time to see four, but they were so excited to know we remembered, and WE were so excited to see all the successes they have found. For all the ones that aren't doing so well, and all the ones that dropped out...there were some really happy stories too. We are planning on heading to their graduation....I promised them I'd make it 6 years ago, and I made that same promise today. I can't wait! God has answered my prayers, six years later, I'm glad He took the time to show me He's always working in the hearts and lives of those we care about.


Maurine & Derek said...

I LOVE THAT STORY!! Thank you so much for sharing, your inspiration and theirs. Funny how your first graduating class is the same as my baby brother.