Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Results

I really wanted to have an amazing experience creating a fabulous Amish Friendship Bread.
Despite ten days of babysitting, three pages of notes, numerous conversations, interent research, three witnesses, and a notary present-I undergreased the pan, and undercooked the bread. Feeling a little unfriendly towards the Amish and their tricky recipe that came disguised as an easy project, who knew a ziplock bag contained my challenge for the week!
P.s. I should have probably thought twice about pulling directions from the internet about Amish bread....that's an antonym if I ever heard one.
P.s.s. I won't be taking pictures-if you can sympathize, you can imagine what undergreased, undercooked bread looks like when popped out, if you can't-you don't need to see the evidence anyway.
P.s.s.s. Check back in ten more days, I refuse to give up after one shot at this!


Nicole said...


Sorry about the bread recipe. You're right about it being a little weird to look up an Amish receipe on the Internet.

My last batch in the breadmaker didn't turn out either. I had a problem getting it to start, so I figure the issue was one of the following: the water cooled down too much, the yeast got wet when I moved the breadmaker to a different outlet, or the flour was bad.

I was so disappointed. It was a gummy, sticky mess.