Monday, May 26, 2008

A Wickedly Fun Trip to Kansas City

This holiday weekend was spent driving to, enjoying time at, and driving home from Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri. Every good story begins, and ends with a little adventure on the road. Driving to Kansas City we (Mom, Aunt Lois, Holly, and myself) managed to make a few 'must stop' stops, which included a stop at the McDonald's that spans the tollroad in Missouri.

On the way home we were chased by some ominous looking clouds, and greeted by some super rain drops that forced us to pull over. I took a picture once I was done being scared, so I didn't capture the lightening or the clouds pulling away from the rest of the cloud pack, which is never, with a good tornado story fresh in my mind was racing.

Once a little sun found us we were able to continue on, with one more stop at Ozarkland, I didn't buy much, but I took a picture of what I plan to go back for ;o):a bobble head, moose, cookie jar (it's only these random road stops that hold things that require this many adjectives to describe, it made me laugh, and I bet it will be there the next time I drive through). They had a bear too, but it was too close to the front, I didn't want my picture taking to be discovered.

We spent the weekend in Downtown Kansas City, and spent a lot of time crossing bridges that zigzagged around the Missouri and Mississippi River. It was a really friendly city, with really cute homes, and old brick buildings that had a lot of history. I wish I had more time to collect stories, and capture pictures, but I'll give it my highest compliments, and I would say-I definitely recommend a stop if you ever get the chance.

The first evening we were there, we hit a local legend-Arthur Bryant BBQ, it was definitely an experience. Our conclusion was the meat was great, the sauce was a little too sweet for us Texas girls, but I won't forget the experience.

We also found a Kansas gift store, and anyone who has been shopping with me won't be too surprised by this photo op, here's a little tribute to Oz.

Sunday morning we headed to Independence, Missouri. I didn't realize how neat it was going to be. Not only is it the town President Truman called home for most of his life, and ran for office from (and there were tons of tributes to him), it is also the starting point of the trails West. There are a ton of influences from various European countries, and lots of famous 'old' sites to see. It was very quaint! Here are just a few things we saw.
The old train depot:

Independence Square Courthouse:

The start of the Oregon Trail:

Then it was off to see Wicked (per Holly's graduation destination), it was fabulous!

This morning, before leaving town, we went to City Market (equal to most large city farmers markets).

Then we went to see the Steamboat Arabia Museum. It was very cool. We had a chance to see a lot of products from the pioneer days that don't exhist other places b/c they are every day goods (like butter, and pickles) that were being carried upstream to mercantile stores before the boat sunk, and they were kept 'safe' under layers of mud, and eventually a cornfield covered the old wreck site as the rivers course moved through manmade and natural help. One of the men who helped unearth the treasure through a large excavation twenty years ago was even on hand to answer some questions. It was an unexpectedly fun way to end the trip! I can't do it justice, but the website can

There were rooms....and rooms....and rooms full of the goods it was carrying:

My favorite were the beads, and buttons:


Brian and Ella said...

so glad you had such a fun trip. thanks for sharing...i enjoyed looking at your pics and hearing about it!!