Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Grand Adventure

Yesterday, Mom and I got up early and made the hour drive to the Grand Canyon. We hopped out of our car, and took the bus around the South Rim, stopping at various lookouts, enjoyed the beauty of the Grand Canyon, and snapping pictures. A picture could never do it justice, in fact, logically I know-even the picture I currently hold inside my head doesn't capture how beautiful it's only as I sit and look that I truly 'get' it's 'grand'ness. I think back to the first time I saw this-I was picturing a canyon-singular, steep walls, with a river running through it….and then…my first look. It is no less awe inspiring the second time around…..I can’t help but think-if this is what earth is like, can you imagine heaven? There are just some places that leave exclamation points when it comes to the existence of God.


Brian and Ella said...

so glad you are a having a fun trip! i hate that we missed you, though! next time!!

and i can anyone argue the existence of God after seeing something like the Grand Canyon?! amazing!! I, too, cannot wait until heaven!!!!