Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Homeward Bound

We have one more stop to go, but we are headed East again. Today we drove across the bottom of CA, AZ, and then into NM where we've stopped for the evening. Tomorrow night I get to cross another thing off my 101 list-White Sands. The drive today was beautiful, and there is just no way a picture can ever capture a place, it's like trying capture someone's personality in a snapshot, you just have to experience it. My favorite thing to TRY to take pictures of is scenery-don't get me wrong-I really try my heart out to grab some great 'wild' animal shots (or 'wild' people)....but outside of a zoo-it's not as easy as trying to capture a flower that will at least sit still for you. It's especially difficult in a moving car. I snagged a cactus flower outside a gas stop, and...Today I saw something I'd never seen, but have drawn a million times-the breed of cactus below. I didn't know these guys really exhisted, I just thought the little bubble-ish cactus I drew were the 'cartoon' versions of all the other leafier ones I'd when I saw mile upon mile of these tubular guys-I had my nose pressed to the window....and finally-at lunch-there was one to snap a picture of, not as impressive as some of the even larger ones in the cactus families out in the middle of the dessert....but I was so impressed, and fascinated by their shape....and I got to stay fascinated for several hours worth of cactus fields featuring these. What a fun drive.