Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hooray For Hollywood

Like the tourist we are-Hollywood was definitely on the list of places we wanted to visit while in the LA area. I swept through very briefly a few years back, but it was fun to go out and walk around at our pace today. We ate lunch at Johnny Rockets, and then hit all the major tourists spots...I didn't see any stars in Hollywood, I guess they were all back at their houses waiting for all the tourist who bought the multiple maps and tours out and around Hollywood to swing by and try to capture a picture, BUT this evening I met my friend Laura (from BU) for dinner out near Huntington Beach, and after dinner we were walking around, and low and behold-a star-Oscar De La Hoya was signing books at the Barnes and Noble.....all I got on film were a bunch of fans wanting their books signed, but this is Laura peeking over the shelf where he was....and giving a thumbs up to Sylvia Brown-gag-that was sarcasm.


Charles and Heidi said...

Thanks for taking us on vacation with you! Love the pictures and posts.