Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Guard Dogs

I've had the pleasure of spending a few lazy days at home this week (minus one trip for 'stickers and stuff', I've pretty much been around most of the day). These are the sort of scary positions my dogs spend most of the day in while patroling the grounds. I will say they do move from room to room with me as I float about, but once planted-it's straight back into formation.


Nicole said...

So are you back in town for the rest of the summer?

Or do you have more trips coming up?

Christy said...

No, I have three more little trips planned at the end of July(2 just a few days, one week).....but I'm here for a few weeks!

Fiskeygrl said...

ha HAH! Mine aren't the only dogs that do that! Sophia goes and finds the most random spot in the house, rolls over, and has her paws stuck up against the wall. *sigh* it's good to be a dog!