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Saturday, August 30, 2008
It's been a busy weekend, and I'm just tying up Saturday. I started the weekend celebrating a few pals birthdays-game night style. Is there anything better than board games? I also met for the first time with the 'Classics' book club. I'm actually not a huge fan of a lot of classics, generally they just depress me! We started off with Little Women, which I don't like, and didn't finish (whoops, not a good start)....I'll be better this next month. Candide-it may not be to my liking, but the rumor is it's short! This morning I headed down the road a little over an hour to the best shopping location on the planet-Canton (or First Monday). If you haven't must go....half of it is crafts etc, the other half is flea market/garage sale type items. It's awesome. You could not even BEGIN to say you have seen it in a day, much less a morning. We got lost in the booths, and looked around at the cute crafts, and great bargains, and then headed out during the heat of the day. I plan to go back in the cooler months of the year and on the rare 'First Monday' weekend I'm free. This evening I hit the Mesquite Rodeo. This ain't my first rodeo (had to say that), but it's been YEARS since I've attended. I remember feeling really sad for the animals in the past. It's still makes me a little nervous for the live stock, but they are definitely practicing some more humane methods. I came away thinking that the animals in my house have a lot of character traits similiar to those buckin' broncos. Max bucks around playing with balls, and Lilly stubbornly refuses to go where she is supposed to on random whims. I guess that makes me the rodeo clown?
Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Be the Mesquite Rodeo

Buckin' Bronco

Bull Ridin'



Jodi said...

Looks like a fun weekend! And by the way, the hokey pokey IS what it's all about in my house!!

Msheepers said...

I will agree that "Little Women" is slow and very long, which can make it hard to sit through. But I liked it overall.

We had to read "Candide" over the summer in high school one year.(Were we in different classes?) I had a distinct impression that I really didn't like it, and that impression was confirmed when I read the chapter synopsis on Wikipedia.

So, good luck w/ that one! Maybe you'll like it better.