Crashing a Reunion

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I was invited to participate in my friend Kelly's family reunion this year at the Ozark Mountain Resort near Branson, MO. We headed down on Tuesday, and returned Saturday after spending the weekend with the B family. I got to meet uncles, and cousins, and Kelly's grandparents who I have heard about over the last 16 plus years of knowing Kelly. I've met a few relatives over those years of friendship, but it's neat to see how other family's interact. We spent a lot of time chatting, playing games (including Mah Jong-it was my first time to play, and I really enjoyed it), and reading. I caught up on a lot of sleep, and enjoyed the scenery at the resort which is nestled in the hilly Ozarks overlooking Table Rock Lake. Kelly's Mom provided the cabins at the resort via her time shares, so every group had their own cabin to relax in, the resort had a ton of activities.

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