Friday's Highlight

Friday, August 15, 2008
The short straw is the only way I can introduce today's adventure. I do NOT like computers very much. I appreciate the ability to be able to communicate with so many people at one time, but beyond the social aspect of a computer-I'm just not interested. When I'm at work-so many things are filtered through the server, I really don't have a lot of fun when working with my computer, so....I don't. I can't even begin to explain how in the world I've been put in charge of so many 'computer training' activities at work. People will come down to ask me to help them fix their computer related issues. Trying to be helpful, I tell them I have no idea, but I always am willing to go down and commiserate over having to deal with ANOTHER computer problem.....and usually my best piece of advice is-unplug it and start's what I do, and I'd say 50% of the time my computer works (eeck, not a good presentage!). For the record, right now-my computer isn't working right at work! My principal emailed me a few weeks ago to ask if I could do a training with the new teacher on the gradebook system. I presented the training a few years back with a partner, but not well, AND I have not even touched a gradebook in a year (I love my new job). So, I sent her a list of people I knew she could ask that were really great, and politely declined the opportunity to confuse a new batch of teachers. She emailed back, twice-once with a-guess what, you are doing it anything email (I guess the 'asking' was just her way of being polite, I should figure out this trick by now), and the second time with all the 'attachments' for what I would be presenting. So, this morning, I went up, muddled through, messed up, most of my comments ended with, "Well, this is what you WOULD do if the system was working." Training 101-never apologize for a bad presentation-I broke that rule, and so many more. Just another day at the office for me. I gave it my best shot, but considering my relative computer illiteracy-well....I think IBM won't be knocking on my door anytime too soon.

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