Someone Call PETA

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I don't really know that outside of the occasional work meeting I would ever say I'm "bored"....I pretty much keep myself entertained...until I wear myself out, sleep, and then I wake myself up, and look for more ways to entertain myself (and successfully avoid working on housework, yard work, or anything I finally put on my to do list because it 'needs' to be done). I have to say, the following 'mean' idea I gathered from a magazine I was scanning. There was some sort of 'bucket' you could buy and freeze your dogs toys inside. I've got tupperware, I can manage without the additional fees, thanks. I took the ball Max is OBSESSED with, really, he'd die before he ever just decided he was 'done' playing with the ball for the day. I froze his ball inside of a block of ice, then I let him have it. First, he tried to carry it around by the little unfrozen, but he figured out it was pretty heavy, so he tried pulling it out,

and then....he started licking, and finally crunching the ice off. At first, I felt a little guilty, but then I think he really got into it b/c when he knocked a big chunk off, he'd stop and eat the ice before moving on to the next corner. Now, he's managed to pull off the outer layer, and wet my carpet (it was worth it), and he's walking around, dropping the ball, and it makes a 'clunk' as it drops to the floor b/c the inside is still slowly thawing. It was fun....for me.

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Msheepers said...

I'm sure Max secretly enjoyed it to.

My brother, Paul, and I watched a TV show a couple of years ago about zoos doing things like that for the animals - hiding food in stumps, giving them unique toys, etc - to give them new things to do. I think they called it "creative enrichment."