Wednesday's Highlight

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
"And we know all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose." -Romans 8:28
5th times a charge. Mom's last surgery in a long line was this morning. Mom was calm, from start to finish she puts her trust in God's plan, and His ways. I know God uses her because He knows what a living, breathing testimony she as she faithfully follows God, and trust in His plan for her life, even when human comprehension sometimes is harder to come by. In the midst of not wanting it to happen to my Mom (or anyone), I know God has shown me that He has chosen her because she is so deeply loved by Him, and this is part of her purpose, and God's will for her, and it is because she is so fabulous He trust her with so much when revealing His character to others, He could not choose a better person to demonstrate her faith and trust, and understanding of how much He loves us all. It would be so easy to be bitter about what 'life' dishes out, but I can clearly look back at even the events that have seemed so terrible, and be grateful for it all as I look around as to where I'm at, and where I'm going. When my Mom tells anyone about this cancer journey she tells it with a very minimum of scary words, terms, or 'what ifs' because I know she sees it in the midst of a bigger picture, and knows it is not as scary with God on her side. We left sometime well before 6 to get to the hospital (less time to 'think' and 'wait'). We usually find a few things to laugh about as we are waiting for the doctors and nurses to get her ready for surgery. It always takes them a good 45 minutes to find one of her 'thready' veins within a very freckled arm, but she has come to expect it, and she patiently waits as they create a living pin cushion (the nurses and doctors are great, we know-this is just the way of things with her body's make up). The surgery took a little under 3 hours, and her doctor came out to say all had gone well, and restate the directions he had already given to her. I have loved all of her doctors, and the nurses in the various hospitals have been fabulous-I can't tell you how much respect I have for them. So often, as I'm waiting with Mom, or even for Mom, I feel at peace knowing I'm surrounded by friends that pray for my family-it's truly amazing to be hugged by prayers whispered from miles away, or even hours before.
This afternoon I brought home the 'patient', and I slept for a few hours until SHE woke me up for one reason or another, when you outsleep the person that just had a three hour surgery, I guess you know the healing has already begun.

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So glad it went well!!!